Frequently Asked Questions

What actually is an online consultant and why should I get one?

lightraylaptopAn Online Consultant is a person who is skilled with online marketing which is quite a distinctive form of marketing in that it requires knowledge of the brand new medium via which marketing messages and process are sent and received.
Even when as a local business owner you had a very sound knowledge of Internet Marketing (the vast vast majority do not have adequate knowledge nor the time it requires to find out new skills in a rapidly evolving medium), then you’d need time and focus to coordinate all the various aspects of your online marketing management plan. A good Online Marketing adviser has the ability and understanding along with the dedicated focus to apply the proper strategy for the specific business and then to put into action that strategy with implementation and as a result you are able to then anticipate quantifiable results within a specific time period without having to take away your focus from where it needs to be, which is on operating your company and servicing the customers and clientele which are it’s lifeblood instead of anxiously going about doing things that may be disjointed rather than component of the cohesive online marketing success strategy.

Can you explain in simple terms why SEO is so essential and how it effectively relates to my bricks and mortar business?

dreamstimeextrasmall_11939934Yes,… frankly, many local business people have been bombarded with all kinds of Seo “experts” that claim the sky will fall in on the local business proprietor if they do not know Search Engine Optimization and therefore must immediately interact the services of the “expert” to assist them accomplish online success. To be honest,.. Search engine optimization is both simple in theory but complex in process to know and apply properly. We utilize an easy method by first discovering just what primary keyword phrases are now being searched in Google (along with other search engines) by the potential buying clients and clientele of any local business, and then as soon as we’re equipped with that precise information we then make sure that pages on our client’s websites are optimized to attract a large portion of those search engine visitors. Thus we extract the acronym SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. We generally can best show this to our potential clients by means of a fifteen minute consultation by which we actually show them proof of exactly where their purchasing traffic is going after which we show them the methods that we are able to harness those buying visitors directly for the benefit of their own business.

I’ve been offered a free web site and online listing by Yellow Pages,.. why should I want anything more than that?

dreamstimeextrasmall_6879652Sadly there remains a lot of inertia within the mindset of local business in that all business services looking either starts and finish with Yellow pages or that they at least should be playing a major role. I’d like to be very straightforward and speak out against this by classifying this kind of beliefs as now being out of date and definitely mythical.
That is not to say that having a Yellow Pages presence online is a bad thing, however it would definitely represent such a small minority in relevance when it comes to getting results. These kind of results can only be measured in real terms by way of quantifiable new company leads and sales from online marketing exercise. Getting a “free” website truly indicates absolutely nothing (and there are numerous opportunities to get a totally free web site around the Internet,.. just “Google” that expression “get a free website” and you won’t be able to count the amount of provides being promoted for you. It is what you do with your web site,.. and furthermore the option of the right design and platform of the website that count. Conversely, you could invest $5,000 or more on a website that looked fantastic but didn’t deliver you any new streams of business. However you could spend only a few hundred bucks to make something extremely practical and efficient that could deliver you volumes of business provided that your online marketing technique and actions had been soundly primarily based. This could make or break the local business that goes online to contend with it’s competitors who’re also going online. The key here is ability and knowledge and that is where a great online consultant is really worth his or her excess weight in gold so to speak!

I get sent a ton of spammy e-mail from various online “businesses” that I send to the trashcan. How can I take advantage of online marketing with out presenting as a spammer?

bigstock_Hand_with_blank_card_and_noteb_12201941_resizeWhen you entrust your online marketing to the control of a competent and trained individual then you’ll never have to be worried about being labeled as a spammer and even becoming remotely identified in that way. We create client and customer acquisition campaigns for our clients that are centered about capturing registered “op-tins” (verifiable registrations of interest) primarily based upon attracting the people “opting in” to your mailing list via a procedure that begins with them looking for the precise thing or services you’re providing. Within this way your expanding checklist of new potential clients and customers is keenly receptive towards the provides and invitations you deliver to them. The rest is really a simple procedure of conversion, but obviously having the proper offer to entice involvement is important and that’s something we are able to help with also which in fact is a procedure that will be measured so that in time you turn out to be much more knowledgeable about what functions best for you inside your market.

Realistically, just how much should I need to be spending on an online presence so as to get the type of outcomes to ensure that my company can be competitive and profitable?

BreakthroughIt really hinges upon the kind and style of one’s company and also is relative to that which you may be presently investing to get current results. Generally we discover many business spending very conservative amounts and so they are merely treading water or can’t really quantify a return but “feel” they should be doing something so as to become more aggressive and response rich.
Not knowing how efficient your advertising expenditure is, is basically inviting eventual disasters. Thankfully, with Online Marketing we can quantify our outcomes. Actually, due to analytical data that is accessible to us we can determine quite precisely what the returns are from any individual aspect from the marketing that we engage in. This is a phenomenon that had never been previously accessible to this extent within the history of advertising and business. The bottom line is the fact that we are able to create distinct outcomes with as little as a few hundred bucks,.. and a couple of thousand can produce comparative miracles compared with the same expense that many local businesses spend every year (and occasionally month-to-month or quarterly) via standard mediums like radio, newspaper, magazines (and sure.. even the Yellow pages). We like to work within the budgets and guidelines that our clients are comfortable with after which we take it upon ourselves to actually show our skill in generating remarkable results that then generally make our clients much more willing to put their trust in us and in this new important marketing medium that is here to stay!

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